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It’s all about our health and environment.  Dr. Jennifer Orlowski, ND, CNS at PURE WELLNESS is trained to recognize the complex relationship between the mind, body, emotion and environment unique to each individual. Her focus is preventative care, management and restorative support of chronic illness. Her mission is to serve with holistic principles and integrity to deliver naturopathic care with uncompromising compassion, to educate with pure motives through example & discussion, and to seek understanding of optimal methods to support and restore health.

Jennifer’s goal is to identify underlying causes of illness and stimulate each person’s self healing abilities. Her comprehensive approach includes working with each client who is willing to make dietary & lifestyle changes to improve their health, encouraging self empowerment through promoting personal responsibility and helping her clients to determine the BEST care for themselves.  Whether it is natural approaches or medical approaches.  Both are needed and warranted depending on where you are in your healing journey. Health & wellness are within your reach! Reach out to her TODAY!

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