Very Pleased
I have been seeing Dr. Orlowski for a few years now. I have had quite a few health concerns and she has addressed each one, mostly by changing my diet, along with some supplements. She listens and assesses each of my concerns attentively and is extremely thorough. I have had very good results with Dr. Orlowski. Thank you.

Sue B

Excellent Experience
Dr Jennifer has been helping me for the last few months. Since having my daughter 4 years ago I have not felt well and had symptoms that didn’t really appear to be connected. I’ve dealt with chronic headaches and migraines, struggling to get pregnant again, and digestive issues to name just a few. I was struggling with getting my doctors to look at my body as a whole. I finally decided to make an appt with Dr. Jennifer and I am so thankful for her now! She is a great listener and very educated! She looked at all my symptoms and my body as a whole and was immediately able to start helping me. I think what I appreciate most about her is that she cared about educating me about what was happening with my body. She explained all my blood work to me and what everything meant. I feel like she gave me the knowledge to be able to make educated health choices. That is something that I haven’t experienced with a doctor in a very long time. Thanks Dr. Jennifer!


Worthwhile, high-quality care
Dr. Jennifer Orlowski has been treating me with natural supplements, homeopathic remedies and healthy food choices for about three years. I feel as if she has given me helpful, solid advice on ways to improve my health. I like that she never makes unreasonable suggestions: she offers ideas and choices that I can live with. Dr. Orlowski is always truthful when she is treating you- she doesn’t promise miracles, instead she says honest things, such as “You didn’t start feeling this way overnight, so you can’t expect to feel better overnight.” I have to admit that there are times when I find it difficult to stick with the plan (and I don’t) but Dr. Orlowski never makes me feel as if I failed. She gets me back on the right path again. She has also worked with my regular MD to help me get the right tests done, and she doesn’t disregard the way I feel or tell me nothing is wrong, she makes an effort to help me feel better! In the winter, when it is more difficult to travel the distance to see her (2 hours), Dr. Orlowski offers phone appointments. These calls help me stay on track. I also like that she stays in contact with e-mails, so she is there when I need her. Dr. Orlowski is easy to talk to and she listens to what I am saying. I have recommended Dr. Orlowski to my daughter, a friend and a co-worker. They have also been pleased with Dr. Orlowski’s services.


I was extremely pleased with my contact with Dr. Jennifer. I was dealing with important choices regarding cancer treatment at the time of our contact and only hearing the mainstream medical model approach which was not feeling right for me… No mention at all regarding lifestyle or dietary changes. It was so affirming to have someone really listen to and respect where I was coming from and to obtain valuable information regarding healthy changes and dietary support that felt much more “right for me”!


Very knowledgeable and helpful
I went to see Dr. Orlowski for help with several health issues that had been bothering me for years. Over about a 6 month period she helped me work through all the problems and get my energy back. She is very knowledgeable and together we found the right balance of supplements and diet to optimize my health.


Knowledgeable, personable
Dr. Orlowski listened and used the information from my doctor’s results from my blood work as well as my symptoms to determine the best treatment plan for me. She is not out there to just sell you lots of pills.


Very informative
Very informative and helpful, learned a lot. Thank you!


Above and beyond
Dr. Orlowski is very thorough, knowledgable and has gone the extra mile like no doctor I have had before. I come away from appointments with helpful information.


Experienced and very knowledgeable!
I have had great success as a patient with pure wellness and believe that my overall well being has benefited substantially.


Highly recommend to all my friends!
Dr. Orlowski is an outstanding, inspiring holistic practitioner. Everything she does, from individual consults for specific health concerns to nutrition and meal preparation classes to recommending products and supplements, is done with professionalism, thorough knowledge, kindness and care. A+!


Jennifer, you gave excellent advise when no one had answers. Your concern, decoding, and willingness to access all information brings you right on to a solution. All bodies may be built the same, but how they work is unique. Seeing a patient in this way gets results.


Changed my Life!
Dr. Orlowski has proven to change my life more than I even expected. She and the entire Pure Wellness staff are very knowledgeable in their profession as well as community resources both local and global. She understands the body on molecular levels which allows her to guide you in the healing process. She evaluates your entire lifestyle and works collaboratively with you on designing a life plan leading to good health. I have recommended many friends and family to consult with her and they too have been extremely pleased. I personally worked with her on turning around my own female reproductive organ health after obtaining medical results of stage IV pre-cancerous cervical cells. She was able to help me achieve normal medical results after 1.5 years. I feel the best I ever have and I greatly appreciate her advice!


Very helpful
I like that she doesn’t require a ton of medicine and is reasonably priced. She helped me immensely. I especially liked the cooking classes.