What I Can Do For YOU

When you come to me to seek support, help and guidance with your health, I will work with you and define what makes you different from everyone else, and what it means for your unique health needs. What has worked for one person does not always work for the next. The best approach is to work together and develop and very individualized plan to achieve a healthy life. It is my goal to help you figure out the right type of foods to eat for your particular needs; health, practicality and energetics. Then considering additional supplements, herbs, homeopathy, mental/emotional work and stress reduction as needed for your health goals. My goal is to help bring your body back into balance focusing on foods first.

How Do I Do This?

  • I use a combination of functional medicine theory and core understanding of physiology and biochemistry rooted in my education, and combined with your unique symptoms and concerns. This allows me to determine specific and personal recommendations, and how we will proceed forward. For our work, it does not matter what your diagnosis is, but rather what is the core imbalance driving your health concerns.
  • From there I utilize my knowledge in the healing effects of foods, supplements, herbs and/or homeopathy to find the right balance of recommendations to help restore balance to your body.
  • I always start with cleaning up the diet and supporting digestion, then moving on to deeper and deeper layers of physiology based on your progress. Often just doing those two things will bring an incredible amount of balance, and I may not have to do further recommendations. However, some cases are more complex and require a period of trial and error, cooperation with their MD’s and more involved participation from the client to figure out the right balance of recommendations for them.