What to Expect

First Visit

A first visit can last up to 1.5 hours, during that time you will discuss everything that is going on for you, physically, mentally and emotionally (all of these play into your health). After this time (unless discussed otherwise), Jennifer will take the time to explain, in as much detail as needed, her recommendations for your health goals. This will be the best approach to you reaching your health goals, which may include allopathic and lab recommendations to discuss with your medical provider, food, nutrition and/or lifestyle recommendations. Please remember Jennifer is your health advisor and is not a replacement for your medical doctor. Her goal is to help you understand your health concerns and to be able to help you discuss them with your medical doctor, if needed, in a way that helps you feel empowered and in control of what happens to your body. Once the best approach is determined for you, she will start with giving a basic recommendation involving foods and supplementation, which will be based on YOUR pace! It is very important to communicate your pace of lifestyle changes that you feel you can do, as much of her work is through lifestyle changes and not temporary in nature. For many people, just food and basic digestive support will create dramatic improvements in health, for some, their bodies are more complex and she will begin to identify the core-imbalances based on functional medicine theory and begin the process of customizing your recommendations. For each person this is different and requires an intimate approach to understanding how your body is different from others. This is why some supplements work for one person and not the next.

Follow Up Visits

After the first visit (follow up visits) you will meet approximately every 4 weeks
from anywhere from 3 months to much longer depending on your needs. During
these visits we will determine what is working and what may be need further refinement. Each person’s body is different and recommendations will need to be altered based on how a person’s health improves and changes. Each person’s rate of progress is very personal, many of us did not end up in our current health states overnight and often it takes time and patience to correct the underlying physiologic imbalance in your body.